The most fun Dog Park in the South!

Open 6 days a week! Click here for details

Location: 10461 Hwy 78 - Summerville!

Dog Sports!

For the beginners or experts!

Agility & Lure Coursing

A fun workout for dog and human!!

Food & Beverage Area!

Relax, watch large screen TV while you and your dog have a good time!

Special Events!

Movie night, game night, live music & more!

Day Care!

Leave your dog in the happiest place in Lowcountry


Our carefully planned & maintained fields feature off-leash play areas, agility & lure courses, water activities, and more. And Skydog himself makes sure every dog here is friendly and sociable to provide a happy & stress-free environment for everybody!.

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You and you dog have many different activities and venues to get acquainted, play or just hang-out. From the off-leash areas where dogs romp together to the agility and luring courses where trainers and dogs work alongside each other, there is so much to do!

Our Menu of Services


This is the place where you and you dog can play together and then relax at the canteen and watch TV together. The special evening events range from family movies to music events, all designed to be the perfect place for folks and their dogs to enjoy the day!

Park Features